Case Studies

Non-Profit Thesis Marketing Project

This link will take you to the thesis project I completed for a local non-profit for my master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.


Company Info

Booked, Bagged & Tagged | A True Crime Podcast
Bridget and Andy Baker are a married couple who love all things True Crime. What started from an idea of “what is something we can do together”, has turned into a much loved podcast from listeners all over the World. What sets them apart from all the other true crime podcasts, is the fact that they are a Christian couple . You can listen to this podcast wherever you are without worrying if a curse word will be spit out. Booked, Bagged & Tagged is not a scripted show. You never know what you are going to get but you will always feel as though you are sitting in a room with friends talking about true crime!

Target Personas

The target audience for Booked, Bagged and Tagged is females from 20-45. There are several male listeners, but they are not the targeted audience. 

Marketing Plan

The plan for Booked, Bagged and Tagged is to grow their social media accounts.

They have a large following of 163.8k followers on Tiktok, and would like to grow their other social media sites to match that.

There is a detailed plan with a social media content calendar and example posts on the social media plan book.


These are just different variations of the new logos that BB&T owners will decide on.

Social Media Plan Book

This link will take you to the social media plan book for Booked, Bagged and Tagged.


Indetail Candle Studio Book

This book provides the detailed plan that was created for the social media marketing and brand assests for Indetail Candle Studio.


Company Info

•Wrigley Mission Statement: We believe the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today

•Wrigley Values: Values & ‘The Wrigley Way’ Our founder, William Wrigley Jnr. defined our core values as trust, dignity and respect. For generations, we have built upon these values and adopted a set of high-performance leadership behaviors that are integral to who we are and how we go about our business.

SWOT Analysis

-Attractive packaging
-Strong brand name of parent company
-Presence in 180 countries
-More brands in the sector, limited growth
-Brand loyalty
-Use more natural ingredients and flavors
-More advertising
-Better social media presence
-Multiple smaller competitors
-Competitive offers

Target Personas

Persona 1:
•Graduate student.• 24 years old.• Health conscious.• Looking for healthy alternatives to medication to help focus.• Cares about oral health.• Active.• Likes bold flavors.

Persona 2:
•Business Professional.• 35 years old.• Looking for something to help her stay focused and on task towards the end of the day. • Money conscious.• Enjoys subtle flavors.


Mood Boards

Static Mood Board:


Dynamic Mood Board:

If the dynamic mood board doesn’t play, you can access it here.